Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Sun light

I finally got around to building a basic sun light system. It's very similar to the area light system except that an orthographic projection is used to create the shadow maps. Again, as with area lights, soft shadows are created by multisampling the light in random positions. Increasing the size of the position offset leads to softer shadows, I didn't think this would be usefull but it actually allows for a nice slightly overcast day sort of effect ( although in these shots I've kept the radius small). All these images use a single sunlight and environment light.

BugBackToad model by SonK, which can be found at

Sun light in an interior space:
3 objects each with a 512 x 512 lightmap.

1st pass, 2640 FG samples: 33 seconds

2nd pass, 4640 FG samples: 1 minute

3rd pass, 8640 FG samples: 1 minute 44 seconds

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