Monday, 29 August 2011

Rust animation test

Haven't had much free time the last few months but I did manage to let this rendered animation test grow slightly out of control. Big thanks to Stephan Schutze (, Twitter: @stephanschutze) for the awesome audio work.

Concept and design work

This little guy started out as a bunch of thumbnail sketches (below left) well over a year ago, but the design also shares some similarities with an even older concept (below right).

Eventually I got around to modelling and although the concepts don't really show it, I drew a lot of inspiration from the Apple IIe and Amiga 500 computers of my misspent youth. The 3D paint-over below shows an early version with only one antennae. The final version has a second antennae which was an accident, I kept it when I realised they could work almost like ears and added a bit more personality.

And finally, a snippet from an old mock comic book panel, just for the hell of it :)


Josh said...

That looked outstanding! :)

Now was that offline in your DCC tool, or was that realtime in-engine?

Sander van Rossen said...

Nice :)
Just a random idea; Maybe you could have some sort of insect or other critter accidentally hit the on button or something, instead of the robot just turning on for no apparent good reason.

Stefan Kamoda said...

Thanks Josh, offline DCC on this one, I cheated. :-)

enb said...

Great stuff Nick- Im sure the sound design adds a lot but thats a great bit of design and animation. Well done!

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