Wednesday, 6 April 2011

FXAA part 2

Some tests with the higher quality FXAA shader which you can read about here. These are mostly old screenshots that have been processed with the shader running in RenderMonkey. The console version I used in the previous post is good but this version is really working some magic :) Many thanks to Timothy at NVIDIA for making it available.

And some full screen examples...

Monday, 4 April 2011


I'm getting some good results with the FXAA shader code that was recently posted by Timothy Lottes so I thought I'd post the results. These pics are taken from RenderMonkey, using screen shots from the render engine I'm working on.

The post process sharpening filter I'm using in the last two examples seems to lead to images that look a little too soft by comparison. I might need to rethink how / when I apply the sharpen filter, doing it before applying FXAA probably isn't the best idea :)

Here are some full screen examples, the museum examples are the same ones seen in this post.

(Click for hi res versions)

Saturday, 2 April 2011

Old depth of field tests

I don't have much spare time these days so I'm raiding the vault for this post :)  These are some old post process depth of field tests I did ages back. It's quite an expensive method so I've held off implementing it in the engine so far. I rendered the source colour and depth images in Mental Ray and used Render Monkey for these tests. The images below show the effect of  moving the focal plane through the scene.

(click for hi res versions)

The source images: A linear space colour image and scene depth, both 16 bit.