Friday, 16 April 2010

Area lights 2

Thought I'd show some more progress on area lights. In the previous images, the light's position and radius had to be specified in code so my first task was to enable the export of lights directly from the max scene. This was fairly easy as it only involved exporting the lights transform matrix, color, width, length, radius (used for sphere or disc type lights) and sample count. 3DS max photometric lights have all of the above properties so there was no need to script any custom object types.

The rectangular area lights shown here are very similar to the spherical area lights shown in the previous post. The biggest difference being that these rectangular lights primarily radiate along one axis.

2 512x512 light maps render time: 2m30s

3 512x512 light maps render time: ~1m (only used 640 FG samples so the solution is a bit rough)

8 512x512 light maps render time: ~3m

8 512x512 light maps render time: ~3m

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