Friday, 23 April 2010

Simplifying the UV process and more area lights

Thought I'd post some more test images. I built this little guy a few years back for a short animated film project and he's been gathering dust ever since. I've recently been experimenting with an automatic UV unwrap tool so I thought I'd try it out on him. Max's built in auto unwrap is okay for geometry with hard angles but it tends to create a lot of separate UV charts when presented with curved surfaces. This UV tool does the whole thing remarkably well with one button click which is brilliant. These shots are all straight from the lighting tool.

Scene Stats:
5 / 6 objects each using a 512 x 512 lightmap
1280 FG samples
Render time: ~17 seconds

Environment light only

Environment light + cylindrical area light

1 cylindrical area light + 2 rectangular area lights

And some stills from the original animation just for the hell of it :)

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